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Bring along your dog or cat to the pet-friendly vacation rentals in Atlantic Beach, Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, and Indian Beach, NC, or areas nearby. Of course, not all rentals or rental companies allow pets and you'll want to be sure you have it in writing before arriving to avoid any liability fees. There are kennels for pets in the area if you find that your favorite place to stay does not permit pets. Remember that even the vacation rentals that accept pets, often charge an extra fee.

The Rate Season

Vacation rental rates in Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Indian Beach, NC, run the full spectrum when it comes to pricing. The rates fluctuate according to the season, but what makes it a bit confusing is the definition of "season." The majority of the rental agencies here on the Crystal Coast have the rental seasons defined in their own terms, using a schedule and calendar that reflects their seasonal pricing categories. It's always best to check with each rental company for specific season/rate changes. 

As a general guideline, rental agencies on the east end of Bogue Banks and in other areas of Carteret County base rental rates on two seasons: in-season (Memorial Day through Labor Day) and off-season (any other time). On the west end of the island many rental agencies use something similar to a four-season schedule: May through mid-June and mid-August through September are mid-seasons; mid-June through mid-August is prime season; September through November and March through April are shoulder seasons; December through February is off-season or winter. Again, it's best to check with the specific rental company for its seasonal pricing categories. Prime season is the most expensive time to rent a vacation accommodation.

Vacation rentals can vary from $300 to more than $5,000 a week. Don't be surprised to find a few of the premier oceanfront rentals running in the $10,000 a week and higher price range during prime season. You may find rates as much as 20 to 25 percent less in the shoulder season and off-season (after Labor Day and during the winter months) than in-season (Memorial Day through Labor Day). For that reason, many people prefer to vacation during the beautiful weather of the shoulder seasons — April and May and September through November.

Decide what you need and call a rental agency listed in the following pages. Remember, the base rental rate a company lists is not the complete cost of renting, so ask questions. Agencies can add cleaning fees and there are also taxes. You also will have to provide a security deposit (the amount varies with the rental company), which will be refunded provided nothing is damaged.

Locations and Types of Accommodations

In Atlantic Beach, NC, and surrounding towns rental agencies are a great resource when it comes to finding that cozy beach cottage, upscale oceanfront condo or soundside multi-family house that's perfect for your vacation. There are a variety of accommodations available, so be sure to investigate your choices. Many rental companies publish an annual vacation rental guide that gives a wealth of information including the location, seasonal costs, amenities, as well as exterior and interior photos of the rentals they have available. Many of the companies also offer an online system through their websites that allows you to be as general or as specific as you like when it comes to searching for the rental that best matches your particular needs. Of course, a phone call to the rental company itself allows you to ask the questions and get the answers you need that you may not get through a brochure, guide or website.

Rental costs vary with the type of accommodation and the location. Always check rental brochures or with an agent about the location. This is very important if you are planning to walk to the beach. Carrying chairs, coolers and an umbrella while watching out for your children can make a short trip seem a lot longer if you are several rows back from the water. Of course, generally speaking, the farther away from the water, the less expensive the rental rate.

At the beach, location is everything, and an understanding of location descriptions can make all the difference in your family's vacation. Imagine a small strip of land, one side facing the sound, the other side facing the open ocean. That makes it easier when deciding what sort of accommodations work best for you. When speaking in terms of accommodation location, oceanfront means facing the ocean with no physical barrier, road or property lines between you and the beach. Oceanside means you can walk to the beach without crossing a major road, but there might be other rows of houses between your cottage and the ocean. Soundfront means the cottage fronts the sound and you have easy access to the water. Soundside means you are on the sound side of the road and in walking distance of the sound. Often, soundside cottages and developments offer guests access to the ocean and beach by means of a walking path.

If your vacation rental isn't at the beach, you may want to inquire about your proximity to the beach. The location of your rental and its centrality to shopping, area restaurants and other attractions may be important depending on how you, and those vacationing with you, want to spend your precious vacation time. The more you know in advance, the happier you'll be with your accommodations.

Other Tips

Renting vacation accommodations is a business, so approach it that way. Be sure to read the rental agreement carefully and ask questions if there is anything you don't understand. By getting all your questions answered, you can often reduce the number of items you bring and make it an enjoyable vacation for everyone. If you are a smoker, check to see if smoking is permitted. If you are planning a house party, let the agent know in advance. If large parties are prohibited and you ignore this rule, you could be evicted and lose your money. Rental companies are usually happy to take messages and mail for you. Many accommodations offer free WiFi, so check with our agent if you want to bring a laptop. Be sure to let those at home know the name and street address of the unit where you will be staying and the mailing address and phone number of the rental company.

Most rental companies offer travel protection insurance of some type in the event that unforeseen circumstances interrupt or cancel your vacation plans. In many instances, this is the only way of getting reimbursed in the case of a hurricane evacuation, so it's something to consider. When making your reservations, be sure to ask about the company's refund and cancellation policies.

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