Economic Profile

Atlantic Beach and Salter Path may be smaller towns, but they're quite the hard working ones. Of their population, a staggering 93% of people are currently employed, with about 60 people commuting an average of 20 minutes to their jobs. The most commonly held positions are within management, professional and sales occupations, while education, health, social services and retail trade are the most prominent industries. The median household income is around $48,000, and estimated median house or condo value is around $395,000.

 In the town of Indian Beach, 78% of the full-time residents are currently employed. Around half of them commute to their workplace, with the average time being a simple 20 minutes. Management, professional and sales titles are the most commonly held positions, while finance, insurance, real estate and rental leasing are the leading area industries. The median household income is about $41,000, while the estimated median house or condo value is around $492,000.


The shores of Bogue Banks are popular escapes for not just North Carolina residents, but also for anyone who is searching for a laid-back, modest place to catch some much needed R&R. During peak months, usually between April and August, each town experiences a influx of tourists and therefore, a hearty revenue increase for all local businesses. Due to this trend, many positions in the service industry are available, and even more so during those peak months. 

Real Estate

Directly in sync with the thriving tourism industry is the prominence of real estate. In fact, 73 percent of all of the housing units in the area are for seasonal and recreational use. The popularity of this industry has made way for more than a dozen rental companies and agencies to thrive throughout Bogue Banks, making it one of the most popular, and lucrative, occupations of the area. 

Trade and Industry

Atlantic Beach is a growing community with tourism and real estate strongly tied to its economy.  Below is an ordered list of the most popular industry in the vicinity with the most common occupations being management, sales, and carpentry:

1. Retail trade

2. Construction

3. Educational services

4. Accommodation and food services

5. Transportation and warehousing

6. Real estate and rental and leasing

7. Arts, entertainment, and recreation

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